July-September 2013
SFY launches 40th Anniversary

Year 2013 marks the Ruby Jubilee of the Spiritual Formation Year (SFY) in ICST. The SFY batch 2013, named OAIG Class, launched SFY’s 40th Founding Anniversary on June 30, 2013. The launching was integrated in the mass on the occasion of St. Peter the Apostle Sunday.

During the launching, Fr. Marlon Belmonte, the new SFY Director, and Fr. Raymundo de Guzman, the new ICST Procurator, unveiled the Ruby Jubilee logo that depicts the spirit of the entire celebration. The launching concluded with a video clip featuring the historical development of SFY. It included the priests who served as Formation Directors and Spiritual Directors since 1973 and the past batches of seminarians who had undergone the spiritual formation year. 

OLPFC hosts first Bible Service

Last July 18, the seminarians of the Our Lady of Piat Formation Community (OLPFC) sponsored the first Bible Service for this formation year. Bible Service is a monthly celebration of the Word in ICST. The four formation communities in the seminary take turns in sponsoring the said monthly celebration. With this liturgical activity, seminarians see the value and relevance of the Bible in their formation and in their pastoral situations. It motivates them to offer gifts to benefit primarily the indigent members of society. 

The theme of the bible service is “The Word in the Digital World”. The OLPFC seminarians highlighted the undying relevance of the Holy Scriptures in a world that is highly digitalized. The sponsors presented a simple play featuring a contrast between a community that is so immersed and overwhelmed by technology and a community that is not controlled by technology.

Freshmen to Seniors undergo Separate Seminars

Learning is not always done inside the classroom setting. Outside the formal education, the seminarians of ICST undergo seminars and workshops.

On September 5-6, 2013, the freshmen and sophomores together had a seminar on Journalism. It was held at the TV room of ICST. The seminar is meant to boost their writing skills and gain more knowledge on journalism and photography. Miss Francisca Quitoriano, the consultant of the Know Magazine being published by ICST, facilitated the said activity.

The seminar and workshop started on the eve of September 5, 2013 and was culminated in the afternoon of the following day.

Meanwhile, the juniors and seniors combined together to enhance their knowledge on pastoral works through a seminar on Sacramental Records. This was facilitated by Fr. Manuel G. Flores, a former formator of ICST and now the chancellor of the diocese of Baguio. He still serves his alma matter as a guest professor.

The seminar has provided practical tips on parochial administration particularly on managing and recording in the books of the sacraments. This was held at the T2 classroom on September 6, 2013. It was a day-long session.

Enriching Liturgical Celebrations of ICST

On September 07, 2013, ICST hosted an Academic-Pastoral Function with the theme “On Liturgical Music and Liturgy of the Hours.” This is a bi-annual forum aimed at enriching the seminarians’ knowledge gained from their class-based education. The forum was graced by the resource speaker, Sr. Cecilia M. Payawal of the congregation of the Pious Daughters of the Divine Master (PDDM). The audience includes the theology seminarians of ICST and some choir coordinators of selected parishes of the archdiocese of Nueva Segovia.

Fr. Arvin Soriano warmly welcomed the participants. He highlighted the importance of updating ourselves of the progress in liturgy and music in our Church. He noted that one of the renewals of the Second Vatican Council is on Liturgical Music. Sometimes, this is something that is at the margins of our celebrations. The topic of the first semester’s academic-pastoral function is therefore relevant and timely. Sem. Evedi Awidan, who spearheaded the organization of this forum, cordially introduced and welcomed the resource speaker.

Sister Cecilia spent the two morning sessions on Liturgical Music. She discussed the second part of the topic in the afternoon session. She introduced the whole session by defining liturgy as a “celebration that makes present the paschal mystery which leads us to communion and reconciliation with God.” After making clear what liturgy is, she briefly distinguished different types of music in the Church of which liturgical music is one. It is a music that “accompanies the liturgical action being done and the liturgical text being said.” She emphasized that liturgy is not a time to practice. Rather, it is a time to celebrate. She added that our music in the church should lead us to prayer and not to clap our hands because of their entertaining features.

In the afternoon session, now focused on the Litrugy of the Hours, the speaker pointed out that “we pray on designated hours for constancy,” that is, to be in constant communion with God. 

After the last talk in the afternoon, an open forum is offered to welcome and respond to questions that needed clarification. The awarding of certificates of attendance to the participants, and the giving of the certificate of appreciation and of token to the resource speaker culminated the day-long event. The certificates were awarded by Fr. Lain Mayo, Rector, and by Fr. Raymundo de Guzman, Procurator.