July - August 2014
Ilog and Apit class attend Basic Bible Seminar

The Ilog and Apit class were given the opportunity to experience the Basic Bible Seminar last July 11-12.

The resource persons, Ms. Felicidad Perpetua J. Gines, Fr. Ian Kenneth Mamauag, Fr. Raymundo Guzman and Fr. Loubert Agduyeng generously shared their time and knowledge of the Bible using approaches that can later be used in the apostolate and in their theological studies. It was also well-explained by them about  the importance of the Bible that it should not merely look into as an ordinary reading material for it contains the history of our salvation. Hence, the need to give much reverence on the Bible must at all times be observed.

Basic Bible Seminar is an annual activity of the seminary usually for the freshmen. The purpose is to condition and habituate them even in their first year of stay in ICST so that their life would always be founded by the Word of God.

The BBS was facilitated by Ms. Gines of the John Paul I Biblical Center and spearheaded by Sem. John Rey Cayetano, Biblical Pastoral Ministry Coordinator.

Seminarians given apostolate orientation

Doing apostolate is one of the programs which ICST values as an important part of formation.  Last 14 June , the seminarians had their annual apostolate orientation before they are assigned to their respective apostolate areas.

Four speakers were invited to share their know-how and inspiration. The first year class was oriented on the prison apostolate by Sr. Fely Encarnacion, member of the Legion of Mary. In the school apostolate, Sr. Maria Socorro Perayco ,OSS introduced to the second year some techniques on how to organize Campus Ministry. The third year had Fr. Andres Semana Jr. who gave the talked on community organizing while the fourth year with Fr. Loubert Agduyeng as their speaker on parish management.

The apostolate orientation was made possible through the initiative and dedication of Rev Fr. Rodel Molina, head Apostolate committee and Sem. Christian Garnace, apostolate coordinator.

Pangasinan Formation Community hosts KAPIHAN I

The Our Lady of Manaoag Formation Community (also known as Pangasinan Formation Community) steered the first Kapihan with the theme ‘Galila’ last June 20. 

The host Formation Community chose the theme ‘Galila’ as a signal to start the formation year. Galila is a Pangasinan term which literally means “Let’s go!”, “Tara na!” It is an appropriate term to call everyone to start a new beginning. The theme particularly calls each one to leave behind the hang-overs from their vacation and summer apostolates. It is also a time to say goodbye for some time to their beloved family and friends. 

Kapihan is a quarterly event in the seminary celebrated at the beginning of the school year (June), before semestral break (October), before Christmas vacation (December), and during the Closing of the school year (March/April). It is a gathering and a celebration of the ICST community, whereby it becomes an avenue for everyone to foster their talents and even deepen the friendship among the community members.

Kapihan I was a successful one despite of the lack of manpower of the formation community. They were only six of them who conceptualized, and materialized all the things needed in the celebration, but because ICST is a community, they also helped the host community in preparing the venue for the celebration. The program started at 7:00pm with a dinner and after which the priests, seminarians, personnel, and visitors were warmly welcomed through the opening salvo presented by the Sanga Class. Likewise, Rev. Fr. Raymundo Q. De Guzman, the Spiritual Director of the Pangasinan Formation Community gave the welcome address and he further explained the theme. 

The said celebration was dedicated to the new members of the community, particularly, the freshmen, formators, and returnees from the regency programs. They were also given a corsage signifying that they are already part of the ICST community. The program formally ended with a Marian Song and with a blessing given by Rev. Fr. Randolph Romero, the new formation director, Pangasinan.

ICST holds first sem retreat

Configuration to the person and ministry of Jesus is a universal call of all Christians. It is more than a call to those who work in God’s vineyard. It is a demand.

To respond to this demand of configuring one’s self to Jesus, the ICST community held its first semester’s retreat last June 23-27. This week-long retreat was facilitated by Fr. Romeo Villavicencio and Sr. Maria Rose Duran Cruza, CM. Working as a team, both facilitators guided the seminarians reflections and learning with the theme “Prayer and Discipleship: Configuration to the Person and Ministry of Jesus.”

The retreat commenced with a deafening silence of the disposition day on June 23, Monday. From June 24-26, the seminarians engaged themselves in activities which facilitated the concretization of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Each activity is preceded by an input from the facilitators.

The heart-warming and spirit-lifting retreat culminated with a solemn Eucharistic celebration. The certificates and tokens of gratitude to the facilitators was awarded before the concluding rites of the Mass which Fr. Romeo himself presided.

Fr. Romeo is spiritual director at the St. Augustine Major Seminary in San Jose, Tagaytay City. Sr. Mary Rose is also based in Tagaytay City.

The life and times of Fr. Klekamp to be staged

The story of Adela Tolentino and her unconventional relationship with a Japanese military caption during the Second World War is well known and is romanticized in the streets of Vigan especially to tourists who flock the well preserved colonial city. Little is talked about however about the priest who without a doubt had a substantial contribution to the saving of the city from the war’s carpet bombing of cities occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army.
The ICST community in an attempt to boost awareness of this is preparing to stage a musicale docu-drama of the person, life, and times of Fr. Josef Klekamp, SVD who toiled hard in our isles. He is a German born missionary but became a naturalized Filipino citizen in #### after ## years of service in our isles. The tentative playdate is on 8 December this year.

ICST holds annual Theolympics

The Theolympics 2014, the annual seminary intramurals was opened last June 21 in the Immaculate Conception School of Theology grounds with theme, “Maymaysa nga ICST, Agdir-I” (We rejoice as one ICST).

Parlor games and the opening basketball matches were among the highlights of the event 

Sem. PeeJay Bello, fourth year , elaborated the theme by reiterating the importance of joyful communion with and for one another. Rev. Fr. Adel Agcaoili who formally opened the event, followed up this idea by saying that Theolympics is not only a showcase of talents but also a manifestation of who the ICST community is, geared towards becoming a community of Christ’s disciples.

At lunch time, the ICST community had a “boodle fight” joyfully culminating the event.

Fr. Mayo inducts new officers

The officers-elect for the formation year 2014-2015  first semester (please see opposite page), headed by General Beadle Sem. Evedi B. Awidan, were inducted in the presence of the ICST Community last 8 June 2014 by Rev. Fr. Lain M. Mayo, rector. The rites were integrated in the Eucharistic Celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Ian Kenneth T. Mamauag.

Both outgoing, Sem. Angelo B. Lopez and incoming general beadles highlighted the formative aspects of the Student Council offices in their speeches and Fr. Rector exhorted all the officers to be “beacon lights of servant-leadership in the example of Jesus, the good shepherd.”

Executive Committee
GENERAL BEADLE : Sem. Evedi B. Awidan
VICE-GENERAL BEADLE : Sem. John Christopher G. Escaño
GENERAL SECRETARY : Sem. Danille Chad C. Pecson
GENERAL TREASURER : Sem. Ronaldo D. Navato
GENERAL P.R.O. : Sem. Jaime G. Andres Jr.
Steering Committee
CHIEF LITURGIST : Sem. Francis D. Miguel
CHIEF SACRISTAN : Sem. Jaypee A. Ancheta
SPORTS BEADLES : Sem. Joel B. Dumansi (Outdoor)
                         : Sem. Eleazarico P. Macalling (Indoor)
COMPUTER CUSTODIAN : Sem. Rotsen Nailuj M. Julian
FOOD BEADLE : Sem. Diogenes Alexander D. Gaspar 
APOSTOLATE COORDINATOR : Sem. Christian Jay M. Garnace
CANTEEN MANAGER : Sem. Pee Jay A. Bello
BPM REPRESENTATIVE : Sem. John Rey L. Cayetano
LIGHTS AND SOUND SYSTEM  : Sem. Richard T. Ganga Jr.
COORDINATORS : Sem. Mike B. Awidan
ACCOMMODATION OFFICER : Sem. Benedict O. Santiago
MUSIC DIRECTOR : Sem. Benedict Jason P. Lopez
                                      : Sem. Benedict Paolo C. Pasinca
Formation Community Coordinators
Nuestra Señora De La Caridad Formation Community
     : Sem. Edward F. Awao
Our Lady of Manaoag Formation Community            
     : Sem. Vishnu B. Valdez
Our Lady of Piat Formation Community                    
     : Sem. Laverne C. Tarubal
Immaculate Heart of Mary Formation Community            
     : Sem. Kenart P. Titiwa
St. Joseph Formation Community (Servant-Leader)            
     : Sem. Jeferson E. Magulod

CAVISA celebrates feast of patroness

Heavy rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the Our Lady of Piat Formation Community (CAVISA) and their visitors and friends on July 2, 2014, when they celebrated the feast of their patroness and namesake. The community also celebrated on that same day the birthday anniversary of Fr. Loubert M. Agduyeng, new formation director.

A mañanita to the director was made early in the morning followed by a procession of the image of our Lady around the ICST compound concluding with their community morning prayer. 

Rev. Fr. Andres Q. Semana, Jr., CAVISA spiritual director presided over the afternoon’s fiesta mass with some priest-formators from the different formation communities led by the Very Rev. Fr. Lain M. Mayo, rector. It was also participated in by CAVISA friends, SiSas, including visitors from as far as Aritao in Nueva Viscaya. A simple dinner and program followed the mass.

The CAVISA accomplished the construction of the concrete pavements connecting their cottages and the putting up of a volleyball court last June as part of its first semester plans and proposals, . The projects were funded by voluntary contributions of the community members and were constructed by them during their free hours.

Bb. Peralta: Seminary life - encounter with Christ

To formally open the formation year of the ICST, the Archbishop of Nueva Segovia, Most Rev. Marlo M. Peralta, D.D. together with the ICST formators and some professors presided over the annual Holy Spirit Mass and of ICST community. At the beginning of the formation year we always ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the continuous blessings and protection for the whole year. 

In his homily, the Archbishop emphasized the value of encountering Christ inside the seminary. It is by way of total submission to the demands of formation that one can perceive clearly Christ inside the seminary. He challenged us also to live a life of simplicity patterned in the very life of Christ in order for us to be called worthy followers of Him. “Because of simplicity, we become more like Christ because Christ lived a simple and humble life” he said.

The annual celebration of the Holy Spirit Mass is an important seminary event By imploring the aid and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can be assured of the countless blessings from God and to have the confidence of facing problems and challenges in our life.

Montanosa community celebrates patron's fiesta

Last June 28, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Formation Community (Montañosa) celebrated the feast of their patroness. The community started the day by a procession around the ICST compound while praying the Holy Rosary and singing songs in her honor.

Morning prayers followed after which commenced celebration of the Holy Mass presided by Rev. Fr. Adel A. Agcoili, formation director together with Rev. Fr. Berlynden Dao-anis, Spiritual director and Rev. Fr. Lain Mayo, ICST rector as concelebrants. The Holy mass was followed by the usual agape while traditional songs and dances of the Montañosa were performed.

The community also had a friendship game of basketball among themselves where the group of Fr. Dao-anis won. The day’s celebration praying of the Holy Rosary, evening prayers and Benediction.

It is said that the whole Montañosa was entrusted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by its early evangelizers, the CICM missionaries.

Seminarians undergo theater workshop

Two years ago, ICST has started its program that addresses the need of intensifying the spirit of community among seminarians, despite its context of having four small communities. This seminary program is called community building workshop. For the past two years, the seminarians had team building facilitated by a group called LUBID. 
This year the formators decided to have a different means of building the spirit of brotherhood and community by developing the artistic side of the seminarians. This year, therefore, the seminarians underwent an intensive community theatre workshop.
From June 1-5, 2014, the seminarians experienced a week-long theatre workshop facilitated by, Mr. Rafael Julius Kapuno, Mr. Elmer Tadeo and Mr. Silvino Dulnuan. The facilitators guided the seminarians according to their field of expertise: theatre acting, music, and visual arts respectively. 

During the workshop the community was divided into four small groups with their respective group names: Rupa ti Amianan (Face of the North), Ramut (Root), Damascus and Sandugo. For the whole duration of the workshop, these four groups worked together in all the activities and dynamics given by the facilitators. The first two days of the workshop were spent in talking about basic tools, orientation and do’s and don’ts in theatre. The seminarians also had their basic orientation in mask making and mural painting. Another decisive part of the workshop was Biblio-Drama. The seminarians were able to connect what they learned in the theatre field to the spiritual realm.  The workshop was intensive in the sense that the seminarians went through the rigorous processes in learning the basics of theatre. 

The next two days were spent in coming out of a short presentation from the four groups. The four groups assigned their respective representatives in the different committees, namely, student directors, stage managers, musicians, artists, dancers and actors. The Rupa ti Amianan worked on psycho-spiritual themed
presentation, Ramut on political, Damascus on ecological and Sandugo on cultural. Each group presented for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. These four short presentations were shown on the last day of the workshop as their final presentation. On this last day, the community invited some visitors to watch their combined presentations. Their final presentation was given the title “Pammati ti Amianan”. 

The workshop, indeed, helped the seminarians not only in developing the artistic side of them but also in deepening their relationship in one another as a community. The workshop paved way also to the seminarians in refining their behaviours and personality as demanded by theatre acting. It likewise boosted the confidence of the seminarians in showing off their talents for the good of the many and for the good of the community.